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Important information about our wooden products

  • Natural charms

    Wood is a natural material with its natural charms. Despite a proper selection of materials, it is possible that your wood will show cracks and cracks. These natural changes in the wood do not affect its durability and quality. The constant interaction of dryness and humidity makes wood 'work'.
    Wood can crack, crack, discolor, warp, shrink or expand.
  • Color difference

    Wood is a natural product, which means that every wooden product can have knots but can also differ in color. When engraving wood, the color of a logo may also differ.
  • Size may vary

    A wooden product may be a few millimeters larger or smaller than indicated.
  • Wood fibers

    Wood fibers may rise due to contact with water. Sand the plank with sandpaper to remove the wood fibers
  • Solid wood

    A wooden product can be made from one piece of wood or from glued wood. If you wish the product to be made exclusively from one piece of wood, you must indicate this in advance.
  • Never in the dishwasher

    Wood should never be put in the dishwasher. Wood should be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Do not come into contact with heat

    Wood should never come into contact with heat such as the oven, cast iron pans or under a heat lamp (catering). This causes the glue to melt, wood to crack and warp. In addition, the plank dries out much faster.
  • Cleaning advice

    Make sure you dry the plank properly, putting it away wet ensures that the wood still wants to work. Preferably place it upright after drying. It is important that the grain of the wood is vertical. This makes the chance of warping much smaller.

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Knowing more?

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