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Onis Beer Mug Sintra Glass 55 cl (6 pieces)

Adviesverkooprijs: 23.15 (ex. btw)
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Brand Onis
Material Glass
Diameter centre (cm) 13.5
Height (cm) 12.4
Inhoud (cl) 55
Gewicht (kg) 3.4
Artikelnummer 515816

The Onis Beer Mug Sintra is a set of 6 impressive beer mugs with a generous capacity of 55 cl each. Crafted with high-quality transparent glass, these beer mugs offer a unique combination of contemporary transparency and classic design.

The Sintra design exudes timeless charm, with a sturdy handle and a robust look reminiscent of traditional beer mugs. The transparent glass brilliantly showcases the beer's rich colour palette and effervescent bubbles, making every sip a visual delight.

With a generous 55 cl capacity, these beer mugs are perfect for a variety of beers, from refreshing pilsners to more complex speciality beers. Whether you are having an informal gathering with friends or a relaxing evening at home, the Onis Beer Stein Sintra adds character and class to any drinking occasion.

The set of 6 ensures you have plenty of beer mugs to share and toast. Choose the Onis Beer Pulp Sintra and elevate the experience of your favourite beers with a touch of elegance and traditional flair.