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Scoop for coffee beech 10 cm

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Lengte (cm) 11
Breedte (cm) 5
Materiaal Beech
Artikelnummer KBE11

An 11-cm beech spoon for coffee or salt is a small spoon often used for stirring coffee or adding salt to a dish. This spoon has a warm and natural look and matches many different types of tableware.

The spoon is made of high-quality beech wood, which means it is durable, strong and long-lasting. Beech wood is also a natural material that is safe for use with food and contains no harmful chemicals.

The spoon has a smooth and comfortable grip and is easy to use. Thanks to its compact size, this spoon is convenient to store in a cutlery drawer or to carry in a picnic basket or travel bag.

This beech spoon is perfect for use in a domestic setting, but is also suitable for use in a professional kitchen or in a café, restaurant or hotel. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth and can also be oiled to extend its life and maintain its appearance.

In short, if you are looking for a warm, natural and durable spoon for coffee or salt, this 11 cm beech spoon is an excellent choice.

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