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Pliers beech 22 cm

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Lengte (cm) 22
Breedte (cm) 4
Materiaal Beech
Artikelnummer 1237

Beechwood 22-cm tongs are an essential kitchen utensil for any cook. Made of durable and high-quality beech wood, these pliers are sturdy and reliable. The beech wood gives the tongs a natural and warm look that suits any kitchen style.

With a length of 22 cm, these tongs are long enough to use safely when preparing hot dishes and keep away from the heat source. The tongs are ideal for use when inverting food in pans and on the grill, serving salads and gripping hot and cold dishes.

The beechwood pliers feature a firm and comfortable grip, making them easy to use and not slip out of your hands. The ends of the tongs have serrated edges that provide a good grip on food and prevent it from slipping out.

The pliers are easy to clean and maintain and can be easily stored when not in use. The beech wood is resistant to wear and tear, so you can be sure these pliers will last for years.

In short, these 22-cm beechwood tongs are an indispensable and versatile kitchen tool for any cook. The durable construction and comfortable handle make them perfect for everyday use, while the natural look of the beech wood gives a timeless and classic look to match any kitchen style.

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