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Spatula olive wood 30 cm

Adviesverkooprijs: 2.35 (ex. btw)
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Marvin's products are made in Europe (m.u.v. some olive wood products, which are mainly from Italy, but can also come from Tunisia).

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Lengte (cm) 30
Breedte (cm) 6
Materiaal Olivewood
Artikelnummer KOL30

This beautiful olive wood spatula is a stylish addition to any kitchenware collection. With its length of 30 cm, the spatula is ideal for mixing, stirring and ladling food in various pots and pans.

The spatula is made of high-quality olive wood, a type of wood known for its natural colour variations and unique wood grain patterns. Each piece is handmade and has its own unique character and look.

The olive wood has antimicrobial properties, making it a hygienic choice for kitchen utensils. Moreover, the wood is resistant to stains and odours, making it easy to clean and long-lasting.

The spatula has an ergonomic design and fits comfortably in the hand. The smooth surface of the wood is soft to the touch and safe to use. Moreover, the wood is non-reactive with food, making it a safe choice for food preparation.

This olive wood spatula is not only functional, but also beautiful to look at. The natural wood and artisan finish make it a beautiful decoration in the kitchen. It is also a perfect gift for friends and family who love cooking and appreciate handmade products.

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