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Onis Beer Glass Munique 26 cl (6 pieces)

Adviesverkooprijs: 25.80 (ex. btw)
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Brand Onis
Material Glass
Diameter centre (cm) 7
Height (cm) 16.5
Inhoud (cl) 26
Gewicht (kg) 1.4
Artikelnummer 835991

The Onis Beer Glass Munique, available in a set of 6, embodies a perfect combination of elegance and functionality. With a capacity of 26 cl per glass, this glassware offers an ideal size for serving a variety of beers with style.

The design of the Munique beer glass is contemporary and sophisticated. The clear glass shows off the colour of the beer brilliantly, enhancing the visual experience of drinking. The shape of the glass is carefully designed to accentuate the aromas of the beer, enriching the taste experience.

Whether you enjoy a refreshing lager, a characterful speciality beer or another favourite brew, the Onis Beer Glass Munique effortlessly adapts to different types of beer. The glass fits comfortably in the hand, making it a pleasure to drink from.

The set of 6 makes this beer glass ideal for both intimate gatherings and larger festive occasions. Add a touch of class to your drinking experience and enjoy sharing good times with friends and family. Choose the Onis Beer Glass Munique and discover a perfect balance of form, function and style in your glassware collection.