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Onis Beer mug Maxim Glass 52 cl (6 pieces)

Adviesverkooprijs: 31.43 (ex. btw)
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Brand Onis
Material Glass
Diameter centre (cm) 12.5
Height (cm) 15.7
Inhoud (cl) 52
Gewicht (kg) 6.0
Artikelnummer 506079

    The Onis Beer Mug Maxim is a set of 6 stylish beer mugs with a generous capacity of 52 cl each. These beer mugs are made of high-quality transparent material, allowing the contents to be clearly visible and giving them a contemporary look. The glasses are designed with attention to detail and ergonomics, making them comfortable to hold and ideal for serving different types of beers.

    The transparent design adds a modern touch to the drinking experience, showcasing the colour and foam of the beer beautifully. The generous 52 cl capacity makes these beer mugs suitable for both small and large parties, making them perfect for parties, gatherings or cosy evenings with friends.

    Whether you enjoy craft beers, pilsners or special brews, the Onis Beer Stein Maxim offers an elegant and functional way to present your favourite drinks. This set of six ensures you have enough glasses to share and toast, making it an essential addition to any home bar or drinking establishment. In short, the Onis Bierpul Maxim guarantees a refined beer experience in a contemporary setting.