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Wood types

Wood types

Our products are available in four different types of wood: beech, oak, olive and walnut wood.

Marvin's products are made in Europe (with the exception of some olive wood products, which mainly come from Italy but can also come from Tunisia).

Color differences

Since we work with natural products, it happens that the products are not completely identical in color. The parts of the tree from which our products are made consist of different colors (a palette from pink to brown). By matching wood correctly, we can achieve a refined color and a unique product character.

 If you prefer planks that may have a homogeneous color, please let us know.


Country of Origin: Poland, Serbia or Romania 

Durability: Good. With intensive catering use, the average lifespan is 6 to 12 months, if properly maintained.

- Best price 
- Large stock 
- Good contrast with the laser engraving


Country of origin: Serbia

Durability: Very good. With intensive use, the lifespan is many years, if properly maintained.

- Long service life
- Luxurious appearance

- Engraving not optimally visible due to dark color


Country of origin: Tunisia & Italy

Durability: Very good. With intensive use, the lifespan is many years, if properly maintained.

- Longevity 
- Luxury appearance 
- Good resistance to scratches and damage 
- Easy to keep clean


Land van herkomst: Polen, Servië of Roemenië

Duurzaamheid: Geweldig. Bij intensief horeca gebruik is de levensduur vele jaren, mits goed onderhouden. 

- Lange levensduur 
- Luxe uitstraling
- Na het eerste contact met water vormen zich staande vezels. Om dit effect te laten verdwijnen zal de plank een aantal minuten met een scherpe spons moeten worden gewassen. Eventueel kun je op een later moment verder gaan met het oliën van de plank met een plantaardige olie mocht de plank er droog uitzien.

Knowing more?

Contact our experts for more wood advice.