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Engraving in glass and wood

Glass engraving

Glass engraving is a technique in which the surface of glass objects is machined using an engraving machine. 

This technique allows a personal design or text to be engraved on the glass, giving the item a unique look and making it suitable for different occasions. 

With laser engraving, a laser beam is used to remove a superficial layer of the glass, creating a contrast between the engraved part and the unengraved part.

Wood engraving

Logo engraving in wood is a popular and sustainable way to promote brand identity. Logo engraving in wood is done using an engraving machine, which can engrave accurately and in detail.

The result is a durable and high-quality engraving that will last a lifetime and will not fade or distort. We can use more/less power to darken or lighten logos.

We can also engrave some details of the logo darker and some lighter to get the effect of a few colours.

In short, logo engraving in oak, walnut and beech or olive wood is a great way to promote your brand identity on different products. The engraving is durable, visible and gives a professional look to the products.

Want to know more about engraving?

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