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Wine box with sliding lid 3 compartments

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Made in Europe
Marvin's products are made in Europe (with the exception of some olive wood products, which mainly come from Italy, but can also come from Tunisia).

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Length (cm) 34
Width (cm) 29.7
Height (cm) 9.5
Weight (grams)
Material Wood
Item number WKIST3


A 3 compartment wine box with sliding lid is a handy and stylish way to store and present multiple bottles of wine. Made from high quality wood, these boxes are designed to keep your wines safe and protected during storage or transport.

The sliding lid provides easy access to your wines and provides an elegant presentation. The interior of the case has been carefully designed with notches to hold the bottles in place and prevent them from colliding and breaking.

A 3 compartment wine box with sliding lid not only offers protection and presentation, but also versatility. For example, you can store and present several wines in one box, which can be useful for a wine tasting or to combine different wines as a gift.

Just like with the 2 compartment wine box, you can personalize your 3 compartment wine box with your own logo or a special message to make your gift extra special. You can also use these boxes as a decorative element in your home or restaurant.

It is important to know that storing wine in a wooden box is not always the best option. This depends on the type of wine, the climatic conditions and the duration of storage. In general, it is advisable to store wines in a cool, dark and stable place.

A 3 compartment wine box with sliding lid is a beautiful and versatile way to store, present and combine your favorite wines. It offers protection, presentation and personalization options.

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